Some of the medications recommended to treat erectile disfunction are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. The definition of Erectile Disfunction can be described as disbility of a man to have a full erection and partake in any sexual movements. The medications seem to suit the majority of men who have this problem. They address the problem and are sucessful in doing so, the most effective being Sildenafil (Viagra), its effects being felt for a longer time. Each medication works differently, and depending on each individual, one may suit you more than another.

The process of obtaining an erection needs a chemical which is made in your body when you are engaging in foreplay - it is called nitric oxide. This causes your sexual organ to expand as the blood vessels get stimulated, and in turn, your penis becomes erect in order to engage in a complete sexual manner. The medication assists this process to occur and prolongs your erection for as long as is needed. The process of becoming sexually stimulated is not caused by the medication; you need to be feeling in the mood for sex in order to achieve this erection.

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